A three-day Training Course for Women and Youth: “Empowering Politics” (Gegharkunik Region)


Another three-day training course was successfully organized by Sose Women’s Issues NGO for women and youth of the Gegharkunik region. The “Empowering Politics” training was held 29 November – 01 December, 2019. Thirty participants were suggested by six political parties (three parties in Parliament, three parties outside of Parliament). This three-day training course aims toward a more equitable representation and influence of women and young people in the political arena. The training was conducted in a lively atmosphere with interactive sessions and a number of practical exercises. The closing of the training course was marked with a very pleasant and traditional process: the President of Sose Women’s Issues NGO thanked attendees for showing active participation and awarded them with certificates of attendance. A sincere intention was also expressed for this training to serve as a significant contribution in strengthening the involvement of women and young people in politics. In turn, the participants relayed their deep gratitude for organizing this beneficial training course.