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“Selfie with My Daughter” project

Sose Women’s Issues NGO organized an engaging web campaign against gender discrimination with regard to reducing the quantity of gender selective abortion. This on-line project was made possible by small grant projects, and financed with the support of the US State Department alum.

Through the power of photographs, My website highlights the celebration and love of girls’ birth in Armenian families. Parents post selfies with their daughters using the #selfiewithmydaughter hashtag.

“#SelfieWithMyDaughter Armenia” Campaign 2016 was to raise awareness about sex selection. It became the first trending hashtag in Armenia. Generated 3,000,000 audience reach on social media and 2,700,000 TV viewership in over 20 countries. By incorporating the participation of celebrities, government officials, athletes, and IT community, it far surpassed the initial target goals of 100,000 engagements